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School Climate Surveys

We want to hear from you!  Go to: It is a voluntary and anonymous survey that allows you to provide your thoughts and opinions about your school.  Your feedback will help us:... Read More

Fundraiser Programs for November

Dieleman and Fundscrip fundraiser information will be sent home in early November. Dieleman offers a variety of items from food to household items and gift wrap. Fundscrip offers gift cards. Turnaround time is... Read More

Bullying awareness week Nov. 20-24

The effects of bullying go beyond the school yard. For you as a parent, here’s what to watch for, what you can do, and where you can go to get help. Read more... Read More

School Schedule

8:40am Entrance Bell
9:00-10:20am 1st Block = 120 minutes


1st Nutrition Break = 20 mins eating; 20 mins outside

11:00-1:00 2nd block = 100 minutes


2nd Nutrition break = 15 mins to eat; 25 mins outside

1:40-3:00 3rd Block = 80 mins
3:00 Dismissal Bell (School Day Ends)