School Routines


Absence/Lateness – Regular attendance and punctuality are important factors in student success.  In the event of a student absence or being late please call the school (645-2463) and leave a message.  A note following an absence would be appreciated.


Academic Ideals – The basic premise of school is to teach young people in academic areas and life skills.  To this end, it is imperative that certain expectations be presented to the various stakeholders.

ü  Students should come to school with a desire to learn, have a positive attitude and exercise self-discipline

ü  Staff should provide opportunities for students to discover and develop their skills and talents as well as modelling life long learning through their own professional development

ü  Parents should encourage their children to do their best and assist at home as needed

ü  Open communication between school and home must be maintained


Accidents/First Aid – We have two trained First Aiders on staff.  While most incidents are minor in nature, families will be contacted should any serious accident occurs (eg. Head injury).  There may be situations where further medical assistance (ambulance) will be called if staff deem it necessary.


Allergy Awareness – Information on allergies (and other medical conditions) will be gathered in September.  Please ensure that the school is aware of the allergy and procedures to follow.


Bicycles – Bikes are not to be ridden on school property.  Once at school, bikes should be left in the rack for the day.  A lock is recommended.


Bus – Bus rules are established by the Board and must be adhered to by all students.  Transportation policy does not allow for students to switch to another bus unless in the case of an emergency.  Students who do not follow bus rules face the possibility of losing the privilege of riding the bus.


Cell Phones/iPods – Cell phones are not to be used at school.  If students need to contact home, there are phones in each classroom which can be used.  Cell phones will be removed students if seen in the school or on the yard.  They will be returned at the end of the day for the first violation.  iPods and other such personal entertainment systems are allowed at school for use at recess or on the bus.  Teachers will determine as a class rule about their use during class time.


Community Information – Information about events and registrations taking place in our community are found on our website and at the TLDSB website.


Drop-off/Pick-up – If dropping off children, please park in the lot across the road and escort your children to the school.  If phoning to make arrangements at the end of the day, please do so by 2:45pm so that messages can be given to children and staff.


Emergency Evacuation – In the event of an evacuation, students and staff would go to the Muskoka Falls United Church.



Hallway – Students are expected to respect others during times in the hallway (entry, dismissal, changing classes).  Staff will review hallway rules at the beginning of the year and as needed throughout.


Homework – The following recommendations may be helpful in developing effective homework habits:

ü  set aside a place and an amount of time each weekday night to allow relatively uninterrupted work – avoid television, telephone calls, etc. during this time

ü  begin by completing unfinished class work or assignments that are due the next day

ü  work on assignments and projects that are due later in the week or month

ü  use any remaining time for reading

ü  homework completion is a Learning Skill as indicated on the report card

ü  our students already have a long day and should not be subjected to excessive amounts of homework

ü  with the exception of special projects, most homework will be the completion of work that has been assigned in class

ü  preparation for tests is part of homework

ü  school planners are a valuable aid for teachers with the assistance of parents/guardians to teach students how to organize their time

ü  students are expected to use their planners to keep track of assignments and help organize their time

ü  daily reading at home will help to develop students’ literacy skills


Inclement Weather – Should busses be cancelled due to the weather, an announcement will be made on the local radio station (MOOSE 99.5).  It will also be posted on the TLDSB website.


Internet Use – Students have access to the Internet for educational purposes.  TLDSB has an Internet Use Policy in place that clearly states expectations and responsibilities with respect to student use of internet in schools.  A form which is to be signed by both student and parents / guardians will be sent home at the beginning of each year.  Violations to this policy could result in the student being denied access to the computer as well as the internet.

Medication – Forms available from the office must be completed for students required to take medication at school.  All such medication must be kept at the office.  Only prescription medicine is given out at school.  The school is unable to provide students with medication for headaches, etc.


Personal Property – The school is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property such as I-pods, electronic devices, or collector cards.  Students are advised not to bring valuable items to school or leave items unattended.