School Code of Conduct


“At Muskoka Falls PS, we strive to learn and practice the skills that will help our students become productive and successful citizens – at school and in our community. We expect that staff and parents will model these skills.”

We agree that all of the following are acceptable and expected behaviours.


All members of our school community are expected to:

Be honest and fair

Show respect for people’s differences and opinions

Treat each other kindly- especially during disagreements

Respect the rights of others

Care for school property and the property of others

Notice and help those in need

Seek help from school staff if necessary to resolve conflicts

Obey all laws

Respect and obey persons in positions of authority

Try to make the school a safe and healthy place

Keep all  language respectful and courteous

Have good personal hygiene

Wear clothes that are appropriate for school and in accordance to our School Dress Code

Show verbal and physical self-control

Use courteous and respectful words and actions with everybody

Show respect for all school property


In addition, all students are expected to:

Return school property on time and in reasonable condition

Pay for school items that were lost or damaged

Behave appropriately and safely on school buses

Participate in class and complete assignments; complete tests and exams honestly

Obey school staff including supply teachers, educational assistants, secretaries or custodians

Attend school on time

Follow all school policies and routines

Follow all the classroom policies and routines set by teachers

Avoid public arguing with staff about treatment that seems unfair. Instead, it is expected that the student will ask for a private talk with the teacher or school counsellor or administrator

Accept discipline from staff  that attempts to correct student behavioural mistakes

Obey the board policy on use of Internet in schools

Be responsible for personal electronic devices in the event of loss, theft or damage

Be personally responsible for passwords – including Internet accessed by their passwords

Be accountable for content of any memory storage devices (e.g., USB memory sticks). Staff members have the right to request to see the content.

Alert a staff member if they know of harmful or harassment types of behaviours targeting any of their classmates via use of electronic devices or Internet sites

Be accountable for off-school property use of  Internet sites or electronic devices which may have a negative impact on the school environment


Certain behaviours are never acceptable in a safe and caring school community. (Mitigating circumstances will be considered.)

We agree that all of the following are unacceptable and subject to corrective disciplinary measures by school staff in our school.

All members of TLDSB school communities, including students, must not:

Engage in bullying activity

Commit sexual assault

Be in possession of any weapon – including firearm

Traffic weapons or illegal or restricted drugs

Possess or  be under the influence of, or, give to others – alcohol or illegal or restricted drugs

Give alcohol to a minor

Steal or commit robbery

Cause injury to anyone or encourage others to do so

Use a weapon to threaten or intimidate

Cause injury to another with an object of any sort

Promote hate propaganda or act in any way motivated by hate or bias

Vandalize and cause damage to school property or property located on school grounds

Cause a disturbance anywhere on school property which interrupts learning or school operations

Use swear words or inappropriate language

Use threatening words, gestures or physical assault against a person or their belongings

Use displays of affection that are inappropriate for the school setting

Harass by any means (verbal, physical, electronic device/Internet) any member of the school community

Use drugs, alcohol or tobacco on school property or at school events

Smoke or use any other tobacco product on school property, busses or events

Have, use, sell or give alcohol, illegal drugs or restricted prescription drugs (sold illegally for non-medicinal purposes) on school buses, field trips, school property.

Be on school property where the use of alcohol or illegal drugs is detectable

Steal or vandalize the property of others

Use camera capable electronic devices in areas others expect to be private (washrooms, change rooms) or where there is a known objection to taking pictures


If a student chooses not to follow the outlined expectations, progressive discipline, including consequences, will follow. The intention of consequences is to teach students appropriate behaviour and help them make better choices.  Progressive discipline, counselling, and consequences demonstrate that we value a safe and caring school.


Progressive Discipline

We know that discipline is a training method that teaches students proper behaviour and corrects behaviour mistakes.

The progressive discipline approach requires staff to address inappropriate behaviour early and consistently. Documentation of Progressive Discipline is maintained in order to track progress.