Bussing Reminder

A student who is eligible for transportation is entitled to ride on one bus route only. Bus rules are established by the Board and must be adhered to by all students. The Transportation Policy does not allow for students to switch to another bus unless in the case of an emergency. Bus drivers are not authorized to make changes in pick-up or drop-off locations. This must be done through the Board Transportation Department. Please be aware that making arrangements for your child to ride on an alternate bus is extremely difficult and in most cases requests are denied.

Students and parents are reminded that the expectations of students riding the school bus are the same as those of the school. The driver’s main responsibility is to drive the bus in a safe manner. It is the students responsibility to ensure that their behaviour is such that all riders feel safe and that the driver is not distracted. Students who do not follow the safety rules of the bus face the possibility of losing their bus riding privileges.


Regular attendance and punctuality are important factors in student success. In the event of a student absence or being late, please call the school (705-645-2463) and leave a message. A note following an absence would be appreciated.

Cell Phones/iPods

Cell phones are not to be used at school. If students need to contact home, there are phones in each classroom which can be used. Cell phones will be removed from students if seen in the school or on the yard. They will be returned at the end of the day for the first violation.

iPods, and other such personal entertainment systems, are allowed at school for use at recess or on the bus. Teachers will determine, as a class rule, their use during class time.

Internet Use

Students have access to the Internet for educational purposes. TLDSB has an Internet Use Policy in place that clearly states expectations and responsibilities with respect to student use of internet in schools. A form which is to be signed by both student and parents/guardians will be send home at the beginning of each year. Violations to this policy could result in the student being denied access to the computer as well as the internet.